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This manifesto sets out our vision for a better future not just for our members, but for the 11 million people in later life throughout the UK.

We urge you to join us in championing this vision. This is our call for action.

LLA manifesto - social graphics.jpg

We call for:

  • The UK Government to create an Older People and Ageing Commissioner for England and Scotland.


  • A National Social Care Service integrated with the National Health Service that remains free at the point of delivery.


  • The UK Government and the devolved administrations to combat digital technology’s role in social exclusion and access to vital services.


  • All political parties to make manifesto commitments to guarantee the State Pension triple lock for at least the duration of the next Parliament.


  • All new homes to meet the Lifetime Homes standard with a national strategy for more adaptable, accessible homes across all tenures.


  • Investment in local bus and rail services for uprated concessions and for improved accessibility and assistance for older people on all new bus and railway stock and facilities.

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